September 4th, 2021.

The family of Onuche from Benue state and the family of Ifajobi from Ogun state Abeokuta exchange the hands of their children in marriage at Christ Mission Christian Assembly where Joseph and Dorcas were joined as husband and wife.

During his sermon, Pastor F. Fapohunda advised the couple to unite and not allow third party in their marriage.

In the interview, the couple confessed how they met in 2016 during their National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) year in Ifelodun local government area at state of Osun. ” I met my wife in 2016 during NYSC. I was a batch ‘A’ corps member while she was ‘B’ but without considering the gap of months in between the batches, we became best of friends”.

The groom expressed his mind on how ethnicity can never be a barrier to any marriage because, what has been written about man would surely come to pass. “there was a break between us for two solid years because of tribalism. I am from Benue state, I planned to marry a Benue woman so that my children could speak my dialect and she is a Yoruba lady. She loves prayer and she told me that, we should go and pray over it as we will have it today, God made us to settle our differences. At this point I realised that, tribalism is nothing when it comes to relationship between man and woman, we are all one. I thought her my tradition and she loves it”. On this note, Joseph encouraged young men and ladies that, tribalism should not be a problem in their marriage and they should be focused and determined to achieve their goal.

Once again, he confessed his love for her, ” Dorcas is part of me, I love her not because of her beauty but, she is very homely, she does not believe in fake life and at all time, she takes God first as prays always”.

In their remarks, the couple gave glory to Almighty God for the dream that came through despite the fact that it was tough at the beginning but, he prevailed.

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