KloverHarris, A Pacesetter in Human Capital Consultancy Gifts Students School Materials in CSR Initiative …Inspires, Encourages Excellence

KloverHarris, A Pacesetter in Human Capital Consultancy Gifts Students School Materials in CSR Initiative

…Inspires, Encourages Excellence

By The Torchlight Africa News

KloverHarris, a leading human capital development consultancy company in the country, has given out free books and writing materials to top-performing students of Local Government Primary School, Isiwu, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aimed at inspiring and encouraging brilliant academic performances.

The CSR Project undertaken on Friday, 21st July 2023, at the school premises, saw the company gifting the best students in each class academic materials aimed at creating a positive impact on the beneficiaries and others, as well as reinforcing that there is dignity in labour.

Ms. Bukola Ariybi, Managing Partner, KloverHarris, stated that the company’s CSR project was meticulously planned and effectively executed. She said giving out writing materials to the best students in the school will motivate others to work harder to benefit from similar gestures from KloverHarris.

Ariyibi emphasised that encouraging and uplifting students in their academic pursuits would serve as a significant source of motivation for them to unleash their full potential. This encouragement would enable them to excel in their current educational endeavors and empower them to thrive as they progress into tertiary institutions. Ultimately, this would contribute to the development of a skilled and diverse workforce, which is crucial for the nation’s growth and advancement across various fields of expertise.

She reiterated that the relevance of CSR initiatives to the company’s activities is crucial in terms of ensuring alignment with the core business values and addressing issues that are directly or indirectly connected to its operations and that subsequent programmes would also be well structured to address the fundamental needs of the citizenry.

Commending KloverHarris Limited for the gifts, the School’s Head Teacher, Mrs. Soyombo Sukurat Iyabode, extolled the company for rewarding the students’ brilliant performances and for relieving their parents of the burden of purchasing the books and other valuable materials.

She also urged other organisations to emulate KloverHarris’ goodwill which has put smiles on the students’ faces and further enabled them to strive for distinctive qualities.


On KloverHarris’s scope of operations in human capital consultancy, Ariyibi said the first-rate company offers leadership development programmes that are tailored for different levels of leadership within clients’ businesses; assists in developing and implementing effective talent acquisition and retention strategies; helps design and implement performance management systems that align individual goals with organisational objectives; and develop training programmes to enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of employees.

The company offers change management support by providing change management frameworks, tools, and methodologies; succession planning strategies; human resource process optimisation; advising clients on creating diverse and inclusive workplaces; conducting employee engagement surveys to assess the level of employee satisfaction, and also human resource analytics and data-driven insights on human capital management.

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