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As part of his familiarization with sister agencies in the security business, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, CP Sylvester Abiodun Alabi, fdc, psc, mnim yesterday paid his first official visit to Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Lagos Sector Command. More like homecoming for him, the CP was able to reignite his longtime friendship with the FRSC Sector Commander, Corps Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide. He was also able to interact with members of the leadership team in the road safety agency, National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP can reliably inform.

Recounting the stories, CP Abiodun Alabi said: ‘It is good to be here today. The Sector Commander is my very good friend. It’s like we started together. We have been very close for like 30 years.’

He, then, detailed the purpose of the visit. ‘I have come here to familiarize myself with the people we will be working together to prevent danger in Lagos and to strengthen the synergy. In Lagos we have a lot of traffic and I know that even before coming to Lagos, I have been hearing about the work you are doing. Rest assured that we will partner together and see ourselves as partners in progress.’

‘Secondly, policing is not done alone. We share intelligence and information so I will solicit your support. Policing is everybody’s business. In the course of your interaction with others, in your neighborhood and area of responsibility, when you hear of anything untoward, you can help us with information.’

On his part, FRSC Lagos Sector Commander, Corps Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide recalled: ‘This coming is somehow emotional. I joined the system in 1992. I proceeded to Aba, he was already there as Area Commander. I had a very good boss then who allowed me to interact with them. Our way have crossed severally. I have been so close to the CP in the last 30 years. It is like homecoming.’

‘One thing I have learned from him is that he will never allow his official business to mix with social life. I recalled when we were having a gathering and he received a call, then he left telling us duty calls’, NAOSNP gathered.

On the good interaction he has had with the Police in Lagos which he wants to continue, Ogungbemide said: ‘AIG Hakeem Odumosu took me like a brother, gave me the necessary comfort. He will just call me there is something happening, come over. The last time he told me he will be leaving in January and doesn’t know who will come next, I was very emotional but I didn’t know it’s my very own brother that will come to take over.’

Olusegun Ogungbemide then called on his friend, CP Alabi to facilitate a forum where all security agencies in Lagos can interact. ‘One thing that was not in Lagos was the joint meeting of agencies that we do in other states. When I got here, it is only the big 5. I met Mr. Governor and I told him about it so he directed me to Mrs. Jaji to coordinate all the security agencies and we report to the big 5. This is because there are lot of information that we get in the road as FRSC. Crime starts and ends on the road. I am sure that it is an added value to security in Lagos.’

‘Now that you are here, you are in a better position to make this work better. One great thing is that there is no security agency that can do it alone. For the CP to have come here gives credence that synergy among the agencies will assist in the management of security and traffic issues in Lagos’, Ogungbemide urged the Police boss.

As part of the visit, the FRSC Sector Commander, Olusegun Ogungbemide took CP Abiodun Alabi on a tour of the processing centre where driver’s license is produced. Alabi expressed his satisfaction at the great work that’s being done in the centre.

Meanwhile, the Lagos CP also used the opportunity to interact directly with members of the leadership team at FRSC, NAOSNP can report.

The FRSC Intelligence officer, Victor Okelola asked the CP to see to the issue of touts on Lagos roads. He said: ‘Touts will come and ask you for payment if you don’t pay them, there is problem they will damage your car. I want you to help us so that we can have peaceful roads. Pickpockets and other criminals hide under the activities of the touts.’ The CP Abiodun Alabi mentioned that he is aware of the issue and that the Police is working towards solving it.

The Public Education Officer, FRSC Lagos Sector Command, Route Commander Olabisi Sonusi also raised the issue that some pedestrians don’t use pedestrian bridges because of insecurity, ‘Some of the bridges are covered with signage so people are afraid. So I want to suggest that maybe in your meeting, the agency can limit the signage so that in cases when someone is attacked, people can see. That’s my observation.’ To this, CP Abiodun Alabi responded: ‘we all know Nigerians are fond of wanting to cross the road. I think the cover are for the benefit of our people.’

‘If people are using it together, it will be difficult for anyone to attack them. But as you have observed, I will raise it at the next security council meeting’, he remarked.

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