By: Fanayajo Ranti

The race for 2023 is heating up and it is heating up very fast. If you think the action is only about Abuja, you are wrong. The Badagry division is also in strong contention. The youths are ready to take their place. They are saying no more to clear disregard of democratic norms, fairness, and credibility. They are calling for a departure from inactive leadership that is yielding little or no gains for the good people of the ancient city. They are calling for Badagry Central to allow the principle of ‘live and let’s live’ prevails so that power can rotate to Badagry West and Olorunda. Their inputs, they say, matter. Moreso, it should be now.

Here is a little background to the tussle.
Feelers reaching The Tochlight Africa News establish that there are three zones in the Badagry Division. They are Badagry Central, Badagry West, and Olorunda. Of the three, Badagry Central has taken political power the most. Infact, the current member representing Badagry 1, Hon. Olanrewaju Ibrahim Layode in the Lagos House of Assembly who hails from the Badagry Central zone has been there for 4 terms. 4 terms multiplied by 4 years is a massive 16 years. This fact alone naturally should affirm that other zones should take precedence in the scheme of activities come 2023.

True to that assertion, some youths confirm to The Tochlight AFrica Nwes that the leadership circles in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Badagry have decided that Badagry Central should take a back seat in 2023 most especially as the current members of the lower and upper chamber are currently from Badagry Central. This is so that Badagry West and Olorunda can take their turn. But some unscrupulous persons are determined to scuttle that position.

Badagry youths are sensing foul play again. The same way they sensed it 4 years ago. Badagry Central is bent on taking them for a ride again. Case in point, the incumbent state legislator who has been holding the position for almost 16 years wants to leave to get the Badagry constituency seat in the Federal House of Representatives. At the same time, a current aide and Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr. Solomon Bonu who is supposed to busy himself with the job at hand is jostling for the seat in the State Assembly. And they are calling the bluff of the other zones. What is left? Nothing! Nothing for the people of badagry west and Olorunda zones, nothing for the umpteenth time.

The people of Olorunda want the Lagos House of Assembly next year as they do not have any aspirant for the House of Representatives. It is only fair that the state seat be ceded to them. On the other hand, the people of Badagry West desire the Federal House of Representatives and have aspirants. They ought to have that. This should not be too much to give. Current office holders continue to hold on to power and do not want to give room for other party faithfuls. This is unacceptable.

Is this how Badagry will be led in the next 4 years? A situation where Badagry West leaders handpicked the SA to the Governor in the parlour of the incumbent LGA Chairman Badagry West? A situation where few leaders will disrespect the entire APC membership base for pecuniary gains? A situation where someone who is supposed to concern himself with the business of government that the Governor committed to him is junketing for the legislative seat without resigning from the executive role? A situation where the serving lawmaker would be dishing out command to aspiring youths to forget their aspiration because he feels it’s all about him?

This is unacceptable. The people of Badagry deserve a change. They want their voices heard. They are calling on the APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu and the entire leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos state led by Hon. Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi to weigh into the matter. They want the state executives to stop Badagry Central from further contempt of other zones. They want the state executives to stop Badagry west from futher imposing of a sitting officer .The principles of fairness and democracy should be allowed to work. It is time for Badagry to be rescued. ‘Live and let’s live’ so says the maxim.

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