PEPT: Atiku, Peter Obi Suffering Unnecessarily For Ignoring Primate Ayodele’s Warning

PEPT: Atiku, Peter Obi Suffering Unnecessarily For Ignoring Primate Ayodele’s Warning


By The Torchlight Africa News

The presidential election tribunal that held yesterday affirmed the victory of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the election which has been described as fraudulent by the opposition.

The opposing parties, PDP’s Abubakar Atiku and LP’s Peter Obi had expressed hope and expected the court to disqualify Tinubu or order a rerun of the election but they were greatly embarrassed when the Judge struck out every petition they submitted against the victory of the APC candidate.

The court held that their statements were not factual but generic and of course, the court will not entertain any form of generic statements that lacked substance to form a judgment. In the end, they were fined a huge amount of money for presenting an embarrassing case.

Sadly, they both brought this woe upon themselves intentionally for choosing to ignore the prophetic warning of Primate Elijah Ayodele, a Nigerian prophet who warned them against going into the polls divided.

Primate Ayodele has been talking about the 2023 presidential election since 2021 and has maintained that God doesn’t want another APC government in power but if the opposition fail to come together, they will lose the election to the ruling party.

When Peter Obi became a force to reckon with and even when men of God like Pastor Paul Eneche and Bishop David Oyedepo openly endorsed his candidacy and went as far as praying for him on their exalted alters, Primate Ayodele was that prophet who stood firmly and described the politician as a noise maker. The prophet stated in July 2022 that Peter Obi is only making noise and that those supporting him will leave hjm at the end because he won’t be able to get anything tangible from the election.

These were his words

“Peter Obi is a noise maker; he can’t make a single difference. Saying Obi will win the election is zero”. (

This statement featured on several digital platforms but instead of listening, Peter Obi’s followers started lashing out at Primate Ayodele, calling him a fake prophet and saying that they will win the presidential election. Where has that gotten them now?

At a later date, Primate Ayodele warned Peter Obi again asking him not to rely on the crowd he sees but work seriously on the election technicality. The prophet advised Obi to work on results and not reports if he wants to win the election.

These were his words

‘’Obi should not work on the crowd alone, he should work on the election technicality. He doesn’t really need to work on reports but results. He should be more diplomatic and technical. He will understand what I am saying.’’

“If he wants to win, he must take his focus from the crowd and work seriously on the election technically.” (

Unfortunately for Peter Obi and the Labour party movement, they allowed the crowd to get into their head and make them believe that’s all they needed for election victory but they were disappointed and came third in the election. Also, the court dismissed their petitions on TECHNICALITY grounds yesterday, this echoes the prophetic warning of Primate Ayodele.

Till January 2023, Primate Ayodele still warned Peter Obi not to be carried away by the support of the youths because they won’t come out to vote for him. He requested that he work well especially in the northern parts of the country if he wants to win.

These were his words

“Majority of the youths clamouring for him will not come out to vote; he should still work very well on those that have PVC and can vote for him. Let him sensitize them well on the PVC, otherwise, not all the youths following him will vote for him.” (

Just as the man of God warned, the youths failed Peter Obi because they didn’t come out as expected. The total number of voters isn’t up 50% of the youth population across the country. As Primate Ayodele feared for him, they only clamoured for Obi’s victory but didn’t vote for him.

For the presidential candidate of PDP, Abubakar Atiku, although Primate Ayodele mentioned that He was God’s choice for the country but he gave him some instructions to follow but just like his counterpart, He failed to listen.

Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings to Atiku dates back to the days Wike’s issue started in the party. He warned the presidential candidate not to allow the former Rivers state governor drop his support for the party because it will jeopardize his chances at victory.

These were his words

“PDP should not allow Wike to leave because if he leaves, the chances of the party in the presidential election will be jeopardized. What Wike is dragging can cause PDP so much that Atiku should try to adjust, and this is not about dominating.

“He should try and make peace work in the party. Only peace and the presence of some important people can give the party victory. Wike leaving PDP will dent the victory of Atiku because other important members of the party will leave with him, and it will make the election tougher for the party.

‘’If PDP does not settle its crisis, the party will go into oblivion after 2023; Atiku should consult God, technocrats, and those that love him; otherwise, this Wike’s crisis can sink PDP. (

He warned Atiku again later to settle with the G-5 governors in order to win at the presidential election but the politician never listened, rather, he reinforced the battle between him and the governors.

“He can turn whatever is bad in Wike to good. He shouldn’t ignore these five governors because their annoyance can jeopardize his victory.

“He needs to re-strategize. He should ignore whoever asks him to neglect the governors.’’ (

Pitifully, Atiku’s chances were jeopardized in states controlled by the aggrieved governors. Several states that were traditionally won by the PDP were lost to Labour Party and APC for the first time. If Atiku had these states, he could have won the election but unfortunately, his obstinacy led to him losing gallantly.

Apart from individually, Primate Ayodele warned the opposition parties collectively towards the election. He warned them of the gimmicks the ruling party will employ and stressed the need for them to be united and stay prepared. One of the things he told them was that APC was ready to win the election by every legal and illegal means and it will only take a prepared and united opposition to defeat the ruling party.

’’APC wants to win the 2023 presidential election by all means; technically, spiritually, financially, legally, illegally, psychologically, religiously and everything possible in order to get victory. They are ready to spend whatever it will cost to get the victory, they are very desperate to win the election. They don’t care whatever happens, they want to win at all costs.

‘’The party has gone into agreement with the metaphysical, if Peter Obi and Atiku sleep, they will just take it and if that happens, it will be a tougher time for Nigeria. Another APC government is equals to economic kwashiorkor, this is what I have seen. (

Primate Ayodele went as far as telling the opposition that Tinubu’s famous word ‘Emilokan’ has a spiritual backing and that if they want to stop the word from coming to pass, they should attack it but nothing was done.

‘’The word ‘Emilokan’ is very spiritual, don’t take Tinubu for a joke with this word. ‘Emilokan’ should wake up the PDP and Labour party from sleeping. The word is more spiritual than physical. If you don’t want Tinubu to win, attack ‘Emilokan.’’

‘’PDP and Labour party should seek for the spiritual meaning of Emilokan, it’s a mysterious statement that Nigerians are joking with, it is not a joke, it is not proverbial.’’ (

With these warnings unattended to, Atiku and Peter Obi felt they can remove President Tinubu at the court but their hopes were dashed yesterday. Primate Ayodele had already said nothing much will come out from the election petition, it didn’t come as a surprise that it happened.

The warnings were there but they failed to listen. If they had listened, it wouldn’t have gotten to this stage for the opposition parties. It’s unfortunate but they are suffering unnecessarily for ignoring the prophecies of God’s servant, Primate Ayodele.

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