The association of timber trade contract (ATTC) pleaded with Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to lift the ban on logging activities in ondo state

The association of timber trade contractor expressed their feelings and said more 40 percent of state working population depends on timber business to survive

The (ATTC) said it was wrong to encourage the destruction of the sta2 forest reserve and replaced it cocoa plantation

The chairman ATTC comrade Alana Afere in Akure said the continued closure of the forest reserve and free area against logging activities to has turned them poupers

Alaber said Governor Akeredolu’s policy on forestry was adverse unpleasant and unproductive.

He said there has been no planned for forest regeneration in the state in the past 40years even though the monies have been collected from them for regenerating the depleted forest reserve

Meanwhile flitchers was giving easy ride activities the state by present administration as adverse effects on the timber industry

“Farmer gained uncalled access to the forest reserve which not supposed to be their advance affected the regeneration of the forest thereby turning the forest reserve to cocoa plantation”

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