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The 6th of September 2023 was a notable day for some of the patients at the renowned LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL (LASUTH), Ikeja, as members of the Charitable Wisemen Club Of Nigeria extends their philanthropical crusade as total sum of one million, five hundred thousand naira (N1.5M) was disbursed to hospital patients that can’t afford their medical bills.

The NGO started as a normal Whatsapp group which was initially intended to be a social club before it metamorphosed into a legally incorporated registered foundation after a decision was made by its members.

Fueling the main objective of effecting positive change in society, the all male club which did not only began operation four years ago but has served its purpose since inception.

The group consists of like mind friends and business partners

speaking with the club president Mr. Olanrewaju Akeem Oladele on behalf of the members, we were made to understand giving for the club is more like a divine calling which cannot be ignored, reason each club members raise funds from their personal purse to accomplish any set charitable projects.

He stated, the gesture is beyond an annual scheme as it was recently recorded that the pupils of the prestigious Vetland Grammar School, Oko oba, Agege benefitted several desk and chairs and other items in continuation to the foundation’s last year program of reaching out to market women, the widows and the less privileged as the foundation still had ongoing plans to donate relief materials to some orphanage homes before end of the year.

Further speaking with our correspondent, he expressed the foundation’s desire to spread the arms of philanthropism across Nigeria as their operation is still limited to Lagos state.

The twenty seven membership club is said to be open to collaborations from inspiring individuals, financial institutions and the government.

Also at the event was the club’s public relations officer, Mr. Oluwole Christopher Tugbobo who emphasizes how much of an impact has been made in society by the club since previous years and expressed the regrets of not having proper documentation as they are not doing this to create an impression in public’s eye other than having a positive imprints on humanity.

“Charity has been our watchword just as the name implies, we see the need for us to be here to make sure the internally generated funds is being properly dispatched by the LASUTH welfare management to its recipients.” – said, Tugbobo

Mr. Kayode Araoye, the director of Lasuth social welfare department alongside a fellow social welfare officer Mr. Jamiu Idris expressed their gratitude to the Charitable Wisemen Club Of Nigeria as they promised the funds will be appropriately shared across board to the needy such as the children, medical, surgical and O&G

The department encouraged the Charitable Wisemen Club Of Nigeria and other aspiring organizations to emulate good steps such as this.

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