The Rescue For A Dying state: The Notable Efforts Of Gov. Oyetola. By Hon.Dr Hamidu Tadese Commissioner For Water Resources And Energy

At the point when Osun State was inherited, by Governor Gboyega Oyetola, doubts and pessimism rented the air on the economic survival of the state considering the level of economic malnourishment lingering the state especially the helpless pensioners and civil servants who were victims of circumstances during the time of immediate past regime. The relative calm and sweet peace enjoyed by Osun State people today is a product of assiduous work of the incumbent Governor of the State of Osun and for those who witnessed this regime and immediate past, it is an understatement to say that Governor deserves accolades, gratitude and commendation of all and sundry.
Governor Oyetola Isiaka has been dynamic, resonant, dogged, and unassuming who employs and exhibits stertling abilities by ensuring a growing Osun State.
Going by the records, the Executive Governor, state of Osun Alhaji Gboyega oyetola started his governance as the helmsman of Osun State in November 2018 on a disturbing and brain cracking note.
The avalanche and barrage of problems were on ground. The funds to solve the financial Bottlenecks were infinitesimal. The huge outstanding of Teachers’ salaries and areas of pensions were so enormous.
The past administration left a huge debt to the extent that, at a stage immediate predecessor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, borrowed ₦1 billion monthly to defray salaries when he was leaving the office in the Year 2018 and he eventually left the whooping sum of ₦179 billion loan.
By and large, the experiences garned when he was a Chief Staff to the Governor assisted and prepared him for the job of No I in the State.
Some of the Notable Achievements of Mr. Governor are as follows:
• Delivering on the electoral promises through prudent management of human and materials resources.
• Defrayment of the substantial amount of the huge loans borrowed by the past regime. It has drastically reduced from as of September 30, 2021 from ₦179 billion to ₦132.644 billion according to Debt Management Office (DMO).
• Osun State Internally generated revenue has been jerked up from less than ₦4 billion in 2018 now stands as ₦17.92 billion. IGR now bringing in more than 42 per cent of the annual budget.
• Mr. Governor has never borrowed a dime since inception of this Administration which is a sign of prudence, efficiency, effectiveness and competence on (IGR) administration.
• He builds institutions and put the State on the path of sustainable development.
• He employs transparent governance mechanisms by blocking leakages, loopholes and buckle-up where there is lapses.
• He engenders people inclusive governance and place topmost priory on people’s welfare
• He builds health centers across the State.
• He invests heavily on infrastructures, agriculture and human capital and resources development.
• Prompt payment of salaries and wages.
• Prompt payment of pensions and arrears.
• Abolishing single uniform.
• Reversal to old norms of educational policy.
• Employment of 1,000 Teaching Staffs.
• Tarring of 300 kilometers roads across the state.
• Total over- hauling of Iwo Water Works is in Progress and many more still counting.
• It is on this premise that the good people of Osun should embrace good governance coupled with result oriented government devoid of wastefulness and misappropriation

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