Why we embark on capacity building for members-Oyo OPC Leader, Oluomo

Why we embark on capacity building for members- OPC Oyo leader, Oluomo

The Oyo State chapter of the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) under the leadership of Iba Gani Adam’s, the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba Land, has embarked on reform through capacity training to reposition it for better, effective performance.

The OPC leader in Oyo State, comrade Rotimi oluomo who disclosed this to Distinct News in an interview over the weekend in Ibadan, stated that the group, since inception in 1998 has not witnessed any major reform, hence, the reason for organising workshop and training to develop members of the group.

Olumo said the group has not drifted from its primary aim of protecting the life’s and property of the people, saying, after the death of Moshood Kashimawo Olawale, MKO, Abiola, Baba Faseun and other people came together and form OPC to be fighting for Yoruba people.

He further stated that OPC was not found by any Governmental body, saying, “because if it has been found by any government in power they will not allow us to perform our duties in fighting for our people,all our members have what they are doing for a living, so that they can feed themselves and they will not depend on anybody or allow them to do what they are not supposed to be doing.

“Our police has failed in so some ways and they have disappointed our people, that is why we are calling on government to give us community policing so that they can work hand in hand to fight the issue of insecurity in the south west.

For example, this Amotekun we are using in Oyo State, they achieve it because they use the local people in their local governments. They know everywhere to go, unlike police that will be posted from another state how do you want him to operate because he doesn’t know everywhere. If they can empower Amotekun In Oyo state it will help alot.”

Olumo, also used the medium to advice the people of Oyo state as the year is drawing to an end, not to travel when it is too late, “and we have discussed with our people how they will secure their areas and also we have told them to work with the police and the Amotekun in their areas,.

“OPC will do everything within it’s power to protect our people in oyo state,” he assured residents.

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