without a safe-guarding a nation no economy can work or be sustained.

Without a safe-guarding a nation no economy can work or be sustained: Simeon Okeowo


By:The tochlight africa News


The president , Ocaen Security Outfit Nigeria limited, Mr Simeon Oluwaseun Okeowo describes Nigeria security as a threat to dear country Nigeria.

During the interview with the Torchlight Africa, he expresses his feelings towards insecurity in Nigeria.

According to him, the most expensive things now all over the world is the security of lives and properties.
“We all know what is happening everywhere that leads to Security threats across the country from the South, West, East to North— we all are facing insecurity from Boko Haram to bandits, kidnaping, ritualists etc”.

He stated that, without a safe-guarding a nation no economy can work or be sustained.
“So, we are on hot sit and we should not take it with levity, though our governments are trying their best, I plead with them to do more. Our parents are not left out as the elders say ‘charity begins at home’. Most of these problems are from home as parents are failing in there responsibilities. They need to stand up on their feet because youths are our tomorrow.”

Mr Simeon said , taking a look at our youths, the rate at which the age range of 14 to 20 years old engage in rituals is alarming.
The mindset they have is to get wealthy anyhow. There is no thought of the future anymore.
They want to look for any means to get rich quick.
There is no how they can always nurse such thinking and not go extra miles, negative to get rich.
In his words, “the Bible says ‘the blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow’. If the blessing is not from God you cannot enjoy it.
Meanwhile, foundation is very important as the Bible says ‘if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do?’ Nothing, but we can till pray and reset the foundation. Everybody needs to be involved in this both from family, churches, mosques etc.”

He advised to report any unlawful issue in one’s axis as this helps the government because they cannot be every where at the same time.

Mr Simeon advised the youths to look at themselves with hope as it is only the dead that have no hope.
In summary of his admonition, he says
“Remember that person asking you to kill for ritual today because of money would one day also ask for your life, probably for money.
Therefore, let us do away with evil acts.”

The president concluded the pieces of advice.

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