A reputable and notable philanthropist, Yemisi Akinduro (A.K.A YEYEOGE AKEKAKA) had the 28th December 2020 led a crusade that kick against human trafficking in Nigeria.
Miss yemisi an indigene in collaboration with federal government NAPTIP, saddled the fight against human trafficking
On the campaign train which went round the kingdom of Idanre to sensitize and education the people mostly the parents and guardian of the victims
The regent of A made Idanre kingdom, High chief Macdonald Oladipo Akinsowon, welcome and embraced the kick against human trafficking whole heartedly
In his speech he lamented bitterly on the high rate at which human trafficking is eating into the society. He now called on parents and the government of Nigeria, to look into the welfare of its citizenry
Meanwhile miss Akinduro had expressed dissatisfaction over the report she had, on how some YOUNG LADIES are been lured out of green pasture Oman, Lebanon, Libya. Only to end up in sexmachine prostitutes and mostly slave, Akinduro sought the assistance of the traditional rulers religious leaders parents and guardian in putting a lasting end to the menace

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