Abia Gov. Tribunal: Between Alex Otti’s Victory And Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

Abia Gov. Tribunal: Between Alex Otti’s Victory And Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

By The Torchlight Africa News

The governor of Abia state, Alex Otti cemented his unprecedented election victory yesterday at the election tribunal. The tribunal dismissed every petition of the PDP and APC against his victory to uphold his election.

This has sparked positive reactions and congratulations for Alex Otti most especially because he is the only Labour Party governor in Nigeria.

Even though yesterday was very significant for the governor, His victory seems to have been perfected in the spiritual realm with a series of prophetic revelations from Primate Ayodele. Yesterday was just a confirmation of what had been said even before the governorship election of March 18, 2023.

Primate Ayodele, through prophetic revelations, said at different times that Alex Otti will be the next governor of Abia state. His first statement regarding the political destiny of Alex Otti dates back to 2020 when the governor was still in APC. Primate Ayodele said at that time that Alex Otti is the only one that can win the governorship seat for APC and that the party will lose if he isn’t made the flagbearer.

‘‘If APC makes use of Alex Otti, He will deliver for APC, He is the only one that can stand in APC come 2023.’’ (https://dailypost.ng/2020/08/25/primate-ayodele-predicts-anointed-candidate-for-abia-apc-warns-gov-akeredolu/)

His prophecy in 2020 explains that Alex Otti has been destined to become the next governor of Abia state and any party that makes use of him will definitely be in power but APC declined and we all can see what has become of them in Abia state.

Again in 2023 before the election, Primate Ayodele in a video asserted that nothing can make Alex Otti lose the governorship election. He assured that God has backed Otti to become the next governor of Abia state despite the fact that PDP was in power. He also stated that the victory of Alex Otti will not be from the court but right after the election.

These were his words

‘’ In Abia state, Give it to the Labour party. No matter the efforts of PDP to upturn the victory of the Labour party, they will fail. If PDP wins, Labour can take it from court but I am telling you that Alex Otti will get it from the real election without going to court.’’

As Primate Ayodele said, PDP indeed tried to upturn the victory, there was so much controversy but in the end, Alex Otti was declared winner of the election by INEC.

After the election, even before PDP dragged Alex Otti to court to challenge his victory, Primate Ayodele in another video mentioned that anyone taking Otti to court is only wasting money.

‘’There are states that if you take them to court, you will fail. Anyone taking Alex Otti of Abia state to court now is wasting money, don’t waste your money. Anyone taking him to court is a waste.’’

Sadly, the oppositions didn’t listen to the prophet, they went ahead to challenge Otti’s victory in court.

When the matter got to the court, Primate Ayodele mentioned some governors that won’t be removed by the election tribunal. He made it known that the governors of Taraba, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Lagos states will not be removed in court.

Just a few days ago, Primate Ayodele described efforts by oppositions to remove Alex Otti from office as an impossible task. He prophetically mentioned that Alex Otti is God’s project and has a divine mandate that cannot be taken from him.

‘‘However they are trying to do nasty things against the ruling party in Abia state, no tribunal will remove Otti. He is God’s project and not someone you can push around, he is there for divine instruction and has a divine mandate. Nobody can take a divine mandate from someone, no one can take this from Otti and those that are trying to do anything nasty will not succeed.’’

Following the turnout of events before, during and after the election victory of Alex Otti, it can be easily deduced that God was involved in every process and that’s why His prophet, Primate Ayodele was consistently prophesying as God showed him.

Also, it can be said that Primate Ayodele was very instrumental in the events that led to the victory of Alex Otti. Through his unique prophetic revelations, he exposed the plans of the oppositions and provided guidance and clearance for Alex Otti.

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