Beyond politics: The deep dive into RAK’s homage to Obasanjo.

Beyond politics: The deep dive into RAK’s homage to Obasanjo.

By: Ranti, The Tochlight Africa News

The significance of creating affinity in man’s life, goes beyond political mentalities. Realistically, no man can live without creating a web of connection or networking, if he wishes to make social change, or even achieve individual successes. The understanding of this pushes Mobolaji Ogunlende to keep pushing himself for greatness.

As seen in every media, he pays homage to former president Olusegun Obasanjo. This is coming a week after he was spotted with the APC presidential aspirant –Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The succession of this, is what is making the waves across media space.

His visit to Obasanjo any importance? Let’s take a deep dive into this.

Firstly, Mobo RAK is reviving the lost heritage. Badagry’s impacts in the history of Nigeria cannot be undermined, but it’s been forgotten now and the records are being stolen. Badagry seems to be enjoying only historical records which are so evident.

Otherwise, even the first Storey building we pride about would have been ascribed to the North. Don’t forget Abeokuta claims to have the first church in Nigeria. And Ilorin says, he owns the oldest Museum in Nigeria built in 1945 after the one in Badagry established in 1863.

The involvement of Mobolaji Ogunlende will remind Nigerians, Africans and the world of who we used to be and who we should be now. RAK is reminding everyone again that badagry still exists. Maybe we’ve been forgotten. It’s time to revive the lost heritage and bring back the glories of the old days. Both the ex president, and the CEO RAK Foundation, talked about the abandoned Bells University Permanent Sites situated along the Seme Expressway, owned by the Former President. A light of hope was sent on that.

Another, is the need to associate with people of influence. The last times, Badagry had persons who RAK is trying to feel their vacuum were the days of Oba Claudius Dosa Akran who was a Nigerian politician and traditional title holder who represented Badagry in parliament in 1951 and held the title of Aholu Jiwa II of Jegba. He was a member of the Action Group during the pre-independence period and was appointed regional Minister of Local Government and Economic Planning in 1952. He was an influential member of the party and was regional Minister of Finance from 1962 to 1966. His colleagues were: Awolowo, Shagari, Shonekan and so on. With his influence, he brought Ajayi Crowther, to the First Storey Building where the English Bible was translated into Yoruba dialect and also brought Badagry Grammar School after 100 years of establishing St Thomas Primary School, the first in Nigeria.

Late, Chief James Ogungbe was another man with such records of influential groups. The likes of MKO Abiola, Shagari, Odumegwu Ojukwu and Awolowo where his reference groups. During his time, he ensured Badagrians rights were never infringed upon.

We can all see what’s happening in Ibeju Lekki today, Dangote Sea port, Lagos Free Zone, Dangote Fertilizer Plant, Lagos Sea Port, another International Airport, Fourth Mainland Bridge are some of the social projects to be constructed. It was due to the influence of the influential sons and daughters along that corridor. Otedola, Adenuga, Alakija friends to Dangote. What do you expect? Badagry needs someone to ‘roll’ with these sets of people.

Second to the last promotion of Badagry products: Mobolaji Ogunlende visited the ex-president with an artwork from our own Awesu Gafar. It was not paid for in France, to be shipped into the country. Both of them talked about it. The president was in awe due to its uniqueness. Having a man like Abubakree to represent Badagry means, even our mats in Agbalata market will get to the National Assembly. And the likes of Asaka Victory will have international face. Dagrin Egun, a wrapper in Seme Border may also become the next Burna Boy and performs in Washington DC.

Lastly, Mobolaji Ogunlende creating his own connection. Yes, for any man to achieve social development, he must firstly work on himself. Mobo RAK is ambitious, and everyone can feel that. His personal success matters first, before he is seen in the society. Let’s make a quick reference to the football ace – Cristiano, Ronaldo. His personal success, accounted for his team’s success in Real Madrid for about 10 years. When envy set in, he left and those who thought he was their problems could not proffer a solution to the then challenges. It took three seasons before they regained themselves. That means a person’s personal success is enough to achieve social growth for everyone. RAK’s stand in National Assembly will heal thousands of wounds, from millions of Badagrians and open billions of opportunities.

The earlier, the better. 2023 is the right time!

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