FG, Effa Group sign MoU On Sports Development

FG, Effa Group sign MoU On Sports Development


By The Tochlight Africa News

Sen. John Owan Enoh, Minister of Sports Development displays the agreement with Hertz Fauzan, flanked by the Ministry of Sports permanent secretary, CEO of Effa Management, Effa Management team and Private Secretary to the Minister of Sports Mr Ken Egbas.


The Nigerian Ministry of Sports Development and Effa Management has announced the signing of a historic comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of sports development and promotion in Nigeria.

According to a statement by Effa Management in Lagos, the agreement, signed by both entities, outlines a strategic partnership to drive significant progress in various facets of sports management and promotion over the next decade.

“The agreement aims at three critical outcomes; Sports Development Pipeline Masterplan, where Effa Management will spearhead the development of a groundbreaking Sports

“Development Pipeline Masterplan, meticulously crafted to develop and enhance the infrastructure by building multipurpose sports facilities across the country,

“This includes: talent identification, talent welfare and support and grassroots participation across various sports disciplines in Nigeria.

”This masterplan aims to set a clear roadmap for the sustainable growth and advancement of Nigerian sports on both national and international stages, ” the statement said.

Effa Management said that the agreement would also have revenue generation through National Sports Betting and Lottery Aggregator

“With the goal of fostering financial sustainability within the sports ecosystem, Effa Management will establish and manage a national sports betting and lottery aggregator.

“This innovative initiative is poised to generate substantial revenue streams that will be reinvested into sports development programs, infrastructure upgrades, and athlete support systems.

“It also attracts sports marketing Initiatives which includes leveraging cutting-edge marketing strategies and platforms, Effa Management will undertake extensive campaigns to amplify the visibility and popularity of Nigerian sports.

“Through targeted promotions, strategic partnerships, and engaging content creation, the aim is to ignite widespread enthusiasm for sports participation and spectatorship across all demographics,” the statement said.

The statement added; “The signing event marked the official commencement of this transformative partnership, which holds the promise of ushering in a new era of prosperity and excellence for Nigerian sports,” it said.

In his remarks, Sen. John Owan Enoh, the Minister of Sports Development, expressed optimism about the far-reaching impact of the agreement.

The minister noted that the collaboration signified a significant milestone in the collective efforts to elevate Nigerian sports to unprecedented heights.

“Together with Effa Management, we are committed to realizing our shared vision of a vibrant and inclusive sports ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and inspires generations to come,” he said.

Enoh lauded Effa’s dedication to the development of sports in Nigeria and further highlighted how this is directly in line with the intended legacy of the Renewed Hope Agenda by President Bola Tinubu.

The Minister further explained how the pipeline would be able to recruit talent through regional, school and interstate competitions at secondary school level and reviving national competitions like Governor’s Cup and President’s Cup.

“This will be a foundational cornerstone of identifying and developing talent at a youth stage,” Enoh said.

Hertz Fauzan, the Head of Product and business at Effa Management, thereafter echoed the sentiments.

“We are honored to partner with the Nigerian Ministry of Sports Development in this transformative endeavor through our combined expertise and dedication.

“We are poised to unlock the full potential of Nigerian sports, creating opportunities for athletes, enthusiasts, and stakeholders alike,” he said.

Fauzan then delivered a presentation that highlighted the outcomes of this agreement and made a promise for transparent accountability and deep connections to grassroot outreaches.

He also promised to have the roadmap culminate into a national display of the facility pilot and proof of concept within the first 180 days of the signing of the agreement.

Similarly, Mr Kunle Fakeye, the CEO of Effa Management, promised a fully inclusive non-zoned sports development.

Fakeye who is also a seasoned sports man and sports broadcasting magnet emphasized a situation where talents from Northern Nigeria would access the same opportunities as those of Eastern or Southern parts of the country.

The Effa boss then promised a gender, religious and tribally inclusive pipeline that ensures the best talent from each region is equally represented.


Sen. John Owan Enoh, Minister of Sports Development displays the agreement with Hertz Fauzan, flanked by the Ministry of Sports permanent secretary, CEO of Effa Management, Effa Management team and Private Secretary to the Minister of Sports Mr Ken Egbas.

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