GTCO Food and Drinks: A Fantastic Innovation to Support Vendors – Vendor Ishat

GTCO Food and Drinks: A Fantastic Innovation to Support Vendors – Vendor Ishat


By Fanayajo Ranti, The Tochlight Africa News

GTCO Food and Drink Festival, an event that brings food vendors together and expand their business like wise to know the importance of food in the world, it also gives rooms for vendors to register there companies and also gives free access to food enthusiasts from all over the world to buy from the marketplace.

In an interview with one of the vendors at the event, Mrs. Ishat Murphy, the MD/CEO of Jolly Stations, said GTCO has been so fantastic for bringing the idea of food and drinks up to support the vendor’s career. Tochlight Africa News can report.

This is my second time registering as a vendor, and the GTCO Food and Drinks Festival has really helped my company grow and expand, she said, adding that her first time was last year. In her statement while engaging with our correspondent she said; “I make more money and profits and people that came to patronise me last year became my customer after the event, even on social media like, Instagram, Facebook, people started followed me. That was what made me register for GTCO Food and Drinks 2024.

Our cuisine is based only on jollof rice with different proteins like Nigerian jollof, Ghanaian jollof, meaty jollof, infarct, anything that has to do with jollof. That is why our company name is “Jollof Station,”  and my customer pays through POS or cash, she said.

Ishat concluded that the GTCO food and drink annual festival is the best event that will expose your business to the world. I pray that nothing will stop it.

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