Ajimotokin revealed plans

I WILL BE THE BEST CHAIRMAN IN IRELE LOCAL GOVERNMENT – Hon. Ajimatokin Olusegun, Executive Chairman Irele Local Government assured

Hon. Olusegun Ajimatokin a member rep’ the good people of Irele state Constituncey in the 8th Assembly, Ondo state House Assembly (ODHA), He is presently the Executive Chairman of Irele local government. He however assured our correspondence that he is ready to break all records and lay a good marks of development in the council.

He further stated on how he will make use of his wealth of experience being a one term Deputy Majority Leader of 8th Assembly between 2015 and 2019, also served in the Assembly various in-house committe as chairman and members; House Committee on Land and Urban Areas Development, House Committee on Judiciary, Anti- Corruption and Public Petition and also served as Chairman House Committee on Education, Science and Technology of the same Assembly. As a well known Legal practitioner, he resumed back to his legal practice until he was picked and became the All Progressives Congress (APC) Chairmanship Candidate and was accepted by the people of the local government and eventually won the general contest with a wide victory.

Hon. Olusegun Ajimatokin said in an interview with the Tochlight news Correspondence; I acknowledge the good works and performance of all the past chairmen, head of administrative of Irele local government both the executive and caretakers they all performed well however, I will be the best Chairman in Irele Local Government because I will touched and impacted all sectors positively ranging from Education, Agriculture, Economy, Health, Youth development and Political Affairs… You will agree with me that Irele LG citizens are known for hard work and our youth are not lazy as well.

On Education: Hon Ajimotokin Olusegun described the level of education in the local government as worrisome because for the past two years, our performance is poor in that sector, we are brilliant but our level of Computer literacy is low compared to others developed world; Most of these students are not able to operate a computer or an android self phone, whereas it’s the major components being used in any external examination such as JAMB etc so, we are going to start up strengthen their weakness and establish an ICT center in the local government both graduate and undergraduate where everybody will benefit from the scheme. When I was chairman of House Committee on Education I knew and aware of the importance of education. I will appreciate and encouraged all the tutor/ Teachers in the public schools and will make sure all the private schools meet up the standard.

Agriculture sector: we will make sure we identify all farmers in the local government which will give room for their motivation, encouragement etc we shall concentrate on commercial farming where the involvement of the state government for surporting will the required; loans, transportation and other agricultural support programs will be activated.

Economic Reliance: we will introduce Entrepreneurship Development Program and Skills acquisition program, Vocational Program etc where people can learn one thing or the other and becomes whatever they desired. It will be for all interested persons in the local government.

Security: There will be a maximum security in Irele local government; it is a known fact that our security in the local government as at now wasn’t the aiming and desire we will however improve our security. Robbery cases everywhere and our people are not happy with the development and it’s a challenge to me as the Chairman. We will make sure we occupied all the youth and empowered them with some of our aforementioned programs, it will benefit everyone. We won’t make some unnecessary arrest instead there will be a Cooperative Organisation an NGO that will assist in monitoring and before you know, everywhere will be peaceful. Banks can be assured of their security to enable them established and all other Companies can move into the local government area as well. Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the local government I will be increased. Do you know how? The payable amount will be reduced so as to encourage large percentage of turn up. It will be avoidable for everyone to pay easily by so doing, we will generate more money and there will be receipt. Lastly, all the past Chairmen in Irele Local Government will be in Advisory Committee whereas everybody will bring together experience and ideas so as to move our local government forward.

Ajimatokin revealed plans

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