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The Police Community Relations Committee, PCRC Victoria Island Division led by the Chairman and popular Security Expert, Mr. Matthew Ibadin has held a General Meeting in order to create security awareness for the stakeholders in the community. The general meeting had DCP Adegoke Fayoade, SCID Panti, Lagos share key security tips with the public.

Speaking on the latest challenges in Lagos, DCP Fayoade said: ‘People now kill at the slightest of conflict, cases that could have been resolved amicably. That is why we have to be very careful. Kidnapping is happening in Lagos but not as pronounced as we have it in other places. Children missing are on the increase. We have to be very mindful of the people we live our children with. Another issue is child defilement. This is done by people that are close to the children, people that you wouldn’t expect to do so. That is why I want to discuss kidnapping security tips with you.’


He then reeled out key important security tips that could enable Lagosians to guide against kidnapping. Speaking through his representative, SP Chris Onyesi, the Head of SCID Panti shared 10 security tips.

The tips include: ‘Keep emergency numbers at all times. You can save speed dial numbers like DPO, Control Room numbers on your mobile phone. Don’t share your phone number, home address with people you don’t know especially on social network.

Watch what and where you speak especially on the phone. A lot of people have no sense of security while speaking and you could subject yourself to being kidnapped. Somebody may be somewhere monitoring your conversation.’

Others are: ‘Be alert to suspicious and unusual behavior happening around you. Be discreet on your philanthropic gestures, be guided. Do not discuss financial matters in open places not even in your car. Find a secured place. Many people’s kidnap was arranged by their personal staff – driver, cook, security men etc. Avoid huge cash transactions, do transfers.’

‘Don’t live your children in a car unattended particularly when shopping or going on social outing, there must be an adult. Install CCTV around home, schools, to monitor what is happening in and around the premises. Do not discuss your business or travel plan in public areas, do not entertain strangers.’

The Chairman of PCRC Victoria Island, Mr. Matthew Ibadin stated the importance of the meeting, ‘The impact of the training today cannot be overemphasized. Victoria Island PCRC is setting a pace to ensure that people in our jurisdiction understand security tips because knowledge is power. I encourage everybody in our community to be part of this move. Our aim is to see everyone understands security. I believe a native doctor should also be punished because if you tell someone to go and kill and that person did, you should be punished. He has to be held accountable. If you steal money, those who helped you steal should be punished with you.’

‘PCRC is owned by Police. PCRC has been on for a long time. But I became President two years ago during the pandemic but we are back. We collaborate with Police in trying to create security awareness among stakeholders in the vicinity. We do it every month so that people can be aware and be conscious of their environment so they can report whatever they see to the Police. As you can see today, everybody is a security personnel even in your house and office.’

Some of the members of PCRC who participated in the meeting spoke on the benefits of the training. Mr. Oboro Onesi Andrew said: ‘My advice is that you should take personal security seriously. For those of us who can get security tips once in a while, we all know the times that we are in. At this particular point, what government can do is very limited. I will advise others, maybe who own companies, that they should become members of PCRC. Take the security tips regularly, you can apply them. You never can tell when it will become very useful.’

‘Of course, for those who get these tips, we know what we can do. Case in point, I live in an estate and we have the opportunity of employing domestic staff. So because we live in a gated community, the kind of security checks we conduct go far to know the kind of people who enter. Government needs to engage in community policing.

Government needs to engage individuals. Let states be allowed to develop police in communities, set up agencies that are answerable to the government.’

Another member of the PCRC in Victoria Island, Ofienbor Blessing noted: ‘It is a welcome initiative. Security awareness is very key. It is very important that you get knowledge of security happenings and it helps to protect yourself against unforeseen situation. By this lecture today, I have been able to gain more knowledge and tools on how to be security conscious especially in the name of those who work with us and those who live with us.’

A member of the PCRC Victoria Island Division and Clergyman spoke briefly: ‘The community    we are doing this is to enlighten the public because most of them don’t know what the PCRC know. So once in a while, we get information to them. Make sure that the people you employ are those you have some family background about.’

The highly profile general meeting had in attendance; Vice Chairman, Iru/Victoria Island LCDA, Hon Olusegun Ogunbiyi; Chief Security Officer, Ecobank Plc, Mr Ojameruaye Goddey; Post Security Manager, British Deputy High Commission, Lagos, Shawn Anwoju; Chief Security Officer, Providus Bank, SP Adamu Abdullahi Musa Rtd; Security Services Manager, Alpha Mead Group, Mr Peter Abang; Chief Security Officer, Standard Chartered Bank, Mr Imeh Udofia; Mr. Henry Dafe of Oilserve Ltd; Representatives from NNPC; Internal Control Officer, Globus Bank, Mr Joshua Adegoke, General Secretary, PCRC Victoria Island, Mr Daniel Omorere among other personalities.

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