Prince Kolawole Oripinye Charges Government, Others On Indigenous language

Prince Kolawole Oripinye Charges Government, Others On Indigenous language.


By The Torchlight Africa News

The CEO of Àṣà Wa Global Communication and Àṣà Wa blog, Prince Kọ́láwọlé Orípinyè has charged parents, teachers , traditional rulers and the government not to allow ‘Yorùbá’ language goes into extinct as the language is being hijacked by the foreigners.

Recently, the Chinese country launched a Yorùbá textbook for sale in the South West, as another video went viral showing Indian indigene lecturing in Yorùbá language.

As an advocate of Yorùbá Language, Orípinyè therefore calls on the necessary quoters, not to allow Yorùbá language to be hijacked.

According to him, we the Yorùbá speaking parents from the South West have neglected our language to embrace English language, we often communicate with our children in foreign language, instead of our own, which has affected us, imagine the foreigners coming to learn our language and still teaching our children, what they should have known naturally from us.

He then calls on the top Yorùbá leaders and Elders , such as Ọọ̀ni of Ifẹ̀, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Ifayemi Elebuibon, Ààrẹ Ọ̀nà kakaǹfò, Iba Gani Adams, to mention but a few to see how they can facilitate a Yorùbá speaking schools from Primary to Tertiary Institution with the support of the government to wake up and save the language.

” Language helps build a nation economically, if the British, America, Russia, and Chinese didn’t promote their languages, they will not grow economically, and as we can see, they are now enjoying it.”

Moreover, Àṣà Wa boss made it known that Yorùbá language is among the best easy to learn in the World. “The British colonised countries through their language and religion, called Christianity, Arabs spread all over the world by selling their language alongside their Islamic religion but Yorùbá language is always embraced by individual in other countries but are not embraced in Nigeria as it should be.

In conclusion, he calls on the government to revert and make Yorùbá language our first language and English the second language.

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