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The Managing Director/CEO of Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, has again stressed the need for waste sorting for residents, hinting that come April, residents who comply would get reduction in waste bills and increase for those who dont.

He said this while interacting with journalists in his office at Ijora-Olopa, Lagos, adding that LAWMA was engaging recycling as a veritable tool, to tackle the challenge of plastic pollution, as the state generated about 13,000 metric tonnes of waste daily, with plastic materials constituting seventeen percent.

According to him, “From April, you will get reduction in your waste bill if you sort your waste at source and vice versa if you dont. I am appealing to estates, companies and all residents to comply. What we face in Lagos is challenging. In fact, Lagos is 5th largest economy in Africa; and population wise, we have over 25 million people living in the city. Scientifically, weve estimated that each individual generates about 0.69 kg daily. Thats what we are dealing with – over 13,000 metric tonnes of wastes daily, seventeen percent of those are plastic related wastes.

Odumboni stated further that recycling initiative for waste management had gained traction, since the inception of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration, with the number of recycling companies operating in the state growing from only three to 78.

He observed, Since the launch of the recycling initiative by Mr. Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, weve grown from three recycling companies to 78 recycling companies and still counting. We currently have more than 600 aggregators, and over 6000 jobs created in the sector so far. So you can see that weve started a movement and a growth. Its over two years now and the progress that is being made is enormous.

The LAWMA boss reiterated the massive impact of recycling on the lives of many citizens, with the creation of jobs to alleviate unemployment challenges, and the positive impact on environmental sustainability, adding that more opportunities would still be created.

He further announced that the agency, as part of efforts to expand the recycling initiative, would partner with the BASF Group, on a project to convert waste to chemical, aimed at reducing the environmental impact caused by plastic waste in the state.

He called on corporate organisations, to join forces with the Authority, to create awareness among residents on the need to be actively involved in recycling, with attendant benefits for the people and the environment.

For inquiries on recycling and waste management related issues in your area, please call LAWMA toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617 (for GLO users).

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