NAOSNP holds National Security Conference and Awards 2023

NAOSNP holds National Security Conference and Awards 2023


By The Torchlight Africa News

The National Association of Online Security News Publishers in Nigeria has held the 2023 edition of its National Security Conference and Awards.

Addressing the guests at the event,
Invited Guests, the Special Guest of Honour, Usman Ishaq Alfadarai, the Lagos State Commandant of the National Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, noted that the theme of the conference, “The theme of this year’s conference, “UPTICK OF LETHAL WEAPONS AS SECURITY THREAT: ARM-FULL, HARM-FULL IN NEW DISPENSATION,” could not be more pertinent given the evolving security landscape we find ourselves in today.

“The NSCDC, as a critical component of Nigeria’s security architecture, is acutely aware of the challenges we face in safeguarding our nation’s critical assets and infrastructure.
“The questions raised in the invitation letter touch upon several crucial aspects of our work at NSCDC, and I am committed to addressing each of them comprehensively:
“Small Arms Proliferation and Illicit Weapons: It is indeed worrisome that the proliferation of small arms, light weapons, ammunition, and other illicit weapons has had a devastating impact on our nation. We are actively working to address this issue through intelligence-driven operations, partnerships with relevant agencies, and public awareness campaigns.
Pipeline Vandalism, Bunkering, and Oil Theft.
“The NSCDC recognizes the significance of protecting our nation’s oil and gas infrastructure. We have dedicated units and strategies in place to combat pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft, which pose significant threats to our economic potential.
“The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is committed to protecting Nigeria’s oil and gas infrastructure, which is vital to the country’s economy. The NSCDC has dedicated units and strategies in place to combat pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft.
“The Lagos State Command of the NSCDC is at the forefront of the fight against pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft in the state. The Command has a dedicated Anti-Vandalism Unit, which is responsible for patrolling pipelines and other critical infrastructure, gathering intelligence, and conducting raids on illegal refineries and bunkering sites.”
He stated that the Lagos State Command has also developed a number of strategies to combat pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft.
The Commandant added: “These strategies include:

Community engagement: The Command works closely with communities to raise awareness of the dangers of pipeline vandalism and bunkering, and to encourage them to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.
“Intelligence gathering: The Command has a dedicated intelligence gathering unit that collects information about pipeline vandals and bunkerers. This information is used to develop and implement targeted operations.
Technology: In this rapidly evolving technological age, the NSCDC is actively exploring and adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve our capacity to fulfill our statutory duties and responsibilities.” According to him, embracing innovation is a key part of our strategy to stay ahead of emerging threats.
“The Command uses a variety of technologies, such as drones and satellite imagery, to monitor pipelines and other critical infrastructure. This technology helps the Command to identify and track pipeline vandals and bunkerers.
“Collaboration with other security agencies: The Command works closely with other security agencies, such as the Nigerian Military, the Police and other security agencies, to combat pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft. This collaboration ensures that the Command has the necessary resources and capabilities to effectively address these crimes.
“The NSCDC is committed to working with other security agencies to overcome these challenges and to build strong and effective partnerships. We believe that inter-agency cooperation is essential to addressing the complex security challenges that Nigeria faces.”
He disclosed that the Lagos State Command of the NSCDC has made significant progress in the fight against pipeline vandalism, bunkering, and oil theft.

Alfadarai said: “In 2023 alone, the Command arrested over 40 suspects for these crimes and recovered many stolen products and apprehended boats/tankers used to carry out such activities. The Command’s efforts have helped to reduce the incidence of pipeline vandalism and bunkering in Lagos State.
“Collaboration with other security agencies is paramount to ensuring the safety and security of our nation. While challenges may arise, we are committed to fostering stronger inter-agency partnerships to enhance our collective efforts in maintaining security.
“Disposal of Recovered Firearms: Proper disposal of recovered firearms, light weapons, and ammunition is a top priority for us. We follow established protocols and ensure that these weapons are handled in a secure and accountable manner to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
“As we gather here today, I want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our beloved nation, Nigeria. We are resolute in our mission to protect critical assets and infrastructure, and we recognize that achieving economic security is intrinsically tied to our success in this endeavor.

“I would like to thank NAOSNP for providing this platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders from various sectors. Together, we can find solutions to the complex security challenges facing our nation and contribute to its prosperity and development.
“In conclusion, I look forward to engaging in productive discussions during this conference and am eager to learn from the insights and experiences of all the distinguished participants. Together, we can build a safer and more secure Nigeria for future generations.”

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