It was a remarkable moment in Lagos last Saturday 23rd October, 2021 for the Igbo Speaking Community Lagos State celebrate Yam Festival in a Grand-Style. The event was held at National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos State, witnesses personality/guests around the globe and recorded their full participation.

In the same vein, the occasion also witnessed a chieftaincy honour as it was bestowed on Hon. Jude, Member of Lagos State House of Assembly as he was honoured with a Chieftaincy Title tagged: “Onye Ndi Ndi Igbo Gburugburu Na Lagos”

Our correspondence also noted when Hon. Jude was granted an interview by Lagos State Government Journalist; in his word, he described Yam Festival as important cultural heritage for Igbo people in line with the tradition. In further stressed by making some reference to history: saying that in the time past, nobody dare not eat yam until the conclusion of the festival but civilization has take over some important culture and neglected traditions.

He however encouraging his people and highlights some reasons why the celebration of yam festival is so that important while celebrating it in Lagos; among which he outlined that it’s an avenue to remind our people about our cultural heritage and to know how important the festival.

He however advised Nigerian and Igbo people to remember the culture to enable them teach the younger generation about culture and most importantly our language even while in diaspora.

Hon. Jude also briefly talked about 2023 general election and he assured the people about the qualities that the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is made of. He described him as a good Leader who can lead us right in NIGERIA and solve the problems being faced in Nigeria.

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